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The Private School Experience


School can be a daunting time in ones life - especially when you exist as someone who's background and identity isnt hugely represented there.


Private schools are an example of this - being originally built to educate the elite white community; and for most to this day, still run and teach as so.


For the people of colour that attend, this environment can be extremely traumatic: the way you look is measured upon western beauty standards, stereotyping and blatant racism occurs, tokenism and fetishised, mistreatment from both students and teachers, you are judged on everything from the brands you wear, the food you eat, and the way you smell - along with numerous amounts of other shitty occurrences during your time. 

Above are the personal accounts of people of colour who attended private school; where they touch on the racism, mistreatment, isolation and trauma they experienced there.  

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